Hi, this time I decided to make a cardboard school bus. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how I made a simple and easy cardboard craft. All the items that I used are listed below 🙂

Materials :

Material for arts craft

Dimensions :




Step 1 : Cutting process

I will glue the base of the box first to make it strong enough to hold the frame for each parts. Next, I cut the box for windows and door section. Then, we can see the basic shape of the vehicle. 

Step 2 : Making the detailed section

Making handle steering for bus just simple. What you need is create a circle shape using pencil on the cardboard. Then cut the area that you need. For the seat I used shoes box because it fit nicely inside the bus with the size that I want.

Step 3 :  Painting

I painted the school bus with yellow color using the acrylic paint. I used the Styrofoam plate for the tires and paint it with black color.

Step 4 : Enhancing

Finally, I adding more details to the bus such as stop signs and school bus signs. For the front grille and the lamp I used Eva foam because it appear in 3d shape.

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