In this tutorial, I made a miniature of Wild Western House using cardboard. The design of this house has some common architectural elements across the west and styles found on structures of the time. All the items that I used are listed below 🙂

Old Wild West House

Materials :

Wild west house diy crafts

Dimensions :




Step 1 : Planning process

The first step is preparing the flat cardboard for the project. Then, cut it according to the size that was measured for the windows and doors.

Step 2 : Gluing the cardboard

The next step, after finishing the cutting process now glue all the parts together so that we will have the basic shape of the house.

Step 3 :  Making windows and roof

Cut eleven pieces of cardboard for the windows and two pieces for the doors and roof.

Step 4 : Textures and details

Adding texture for the house is a must. What we need is ? Cut the flat cardboard into pieces and glue it on top of the first layer one by one. Then, use ball pen by pressing the wooden pattern deep in the cardboard so that it will look like a wooden texture.

Step 5 : Making balcony and stairs

Balcony and stairs are the elements that will enhance the design of the house. Placing a staircase outside the house makes it look more vintage style.

Step 6 : Painting

The final step is to paint the miniature house with acrylic paints. I paint mustard color for the wall and dark brown for the roof.

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