In this tutorial I will show you how I made a Medieval Tower by using the Pringles Chips Can. It is an exciting project to do because it has the elements of artistic design during the Middle age. Take time doing this project and don’t rush just enjoy along the process.

How to make a Medieval Tower using Pringles can

Materials :

material for DIY medieval tower

Dimensions :




Step 1 : Cutting and gluing process

Firstly, cut the Pringles chips can and empty paper roll according to the size needed. Make three windows by cutting below part of the paper roll. For the roof I used the aluminium foil. Then, glue all the parts together and you will see the basic shape of the tower

Step 2 : Wrap tower with air dry clay

 After gluing process, I wrapped the basic shape with air dry clay so that the tower will appear realistic.

Step 3 : Making the the details

I wanted to make it look realistic by applying wooden texture. Materials that you will need is flat cardboard. Cut it into pieces as for the frame of windows, fences, and rooftop.

Step 4 : Painting

The first layer of the tower I painted it with cream color color and after it dried I mix it with a little bit color of grey for the stone effect. The roof I painted with blue color to make the contrast between the colors and it looks beautiful with that color combination. To do painting  you need to experiment the colors on your own by understanding the primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

Step 5 : Decoration

The final step is decorating the house with red flag and diorama grass. This way can enhance the tower to make it look more realistic and beautiful.




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