In this tutorial I will show you how I made a witch house by recycling some cardboard from used old boxes. This is fun project to do because the little house will look creepy once you have finished it. Don’t rush build it just enjoy along the process.

diy witch house using cardboard

Materials :

material for miniature witch house

Dimensions :




Step 1 : Making the wall and the roof

Firstly, cutting process started with the front wall, then trace the same shape for the back of the house and as well as the side walls. When gluing those you can make the inclination for the front and back wall, so that the house will look smaller on the lower area like I did. The roof were two pieces of flat cardboard that I estimated. Make it bigger and then easily adjust after glued it to the walls.

Step 2 : Making the basic details

I made the small attic on both side of the roof because it will enhance the design of the little house. After gluing the roof, I wanted to make it look realistic by applying wooden texture, to do so you need to press the cardboard by making it look like the wooden pattern with sharp tools. Then I added some effect by cutting small pieces of cardboard as the frame to be put on the windows and door.

Step 3 : Making the fences, and other supporting parts

There’s a lot of ways to make the house appear realistic. The things that I did was making the fences around the house, put the lamp, sculpting animal skull to be hung on doors and put the bird’s feet at the bottom part of the house. By adding those elements then the little witch house will look so creepy.

Step 4 : Painting

The first layer of the house I painted it with dark brown color. This will serve as a base. It will act like a shadow and contrast layer when we adding the brighter colors, as for me I made the house wall to look a bit reddish and the roof I painted with brown color. Then for the bird’s feet the color which I have chosen is the combination of yellow and orange color. To paint the house actually you need to experiment color on your own by understanding the primary color first then you can do mixing the colors in order to get the certain types of desired color.

Step 5 : Decoration

The final step is decorating the house with diorama vine leaves effects. This way can enhance the house to make it look more realistic and beautiful.




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