In this tutorial I will show you how I made a mini beach house by using the cardboard. It’s a simple project that you can get creative with! Below are the items that needed for this project. 

DIY miniature cardboard house

Materials :

DIY miniature cardboard house

Dimensions :




Step 1 : Drawing and cutting process

Firstly, plan it by drawing the line of the house on the cardboard, so that it will make it easier for you when you want to cut.

Step 2 : Gluing the cardboard

Then, glue all the parts together and you will see the basic shape of the house.

Step 3 : Making windows and door

Materials that you will need are the flat cardboard. Cut it into pieces as for the frame of windows, door, and rooftop then glue it all on top of it.

Step 4 : Adding more details

Adding more details such as base to support the house and stairs. This takes time to make it because you need adjust it properly according to the size of the house.

Step 4 : Painting

Painting process is quite fun because you will learn on how to get certain types of colors by mixing it together. I used red color on the walls and light blue on the roof. While the stairs I painted orange cream for the contrast.

Step 5 : Decoration

The final step is decorating the house with buoy, chimney and etcetera.  It is a way to enhance the mini beach house by adding those kind of elements.




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