Hi, in this tutorial I am going to show how I made a  cardboard playhouse using 12 used boxes. All the items that I used are listed below 🙂

Kids Playhouse-Recycle cardboard

Materials :

Dimensions :




Step 1 : Cutting process

Measure the size according to the dimension which I have given above. Then, cut it carefully to avoid injury  

Step 2 : Gluing the cardboard

After finish cutting the cardboard. Then, glue all the parts together so that we will see the basic shape of the house.

Step 3 :  Making the base

Base is the most crucial part that will hold each piece of the cardboard from falling down.

Step 4 : Wallpaper 

Then, I pasted the playhouse with self adhesive wallpaper (home decor). You can get it near your local home store. 

Step 5 : Enhance

Adding more details by gluing pieces of mounting board at each corner of the house, windows and door which can make the exterior look more beautiful.

Step 6 : Texture for rooftop

For the roof part, I cut pieces of grey color papers that look like roof shape and glue it in rows.

Step 6 : Decorate with artificial grass mat

The final step is to decorate the playhouse with artificial grass mat which can make the atmosphere look more attractive for children to play.

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