Hello December! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. This winter season I challenge myself to do something new which is making a miniature winter house using cardboard and air dry clay. It took me about nine days to finish this project. This is my first time doing a small scale house. At first I was worried if this project would not succeed but I keep telling that I can do it and finally I able to finish this project.  Just believe in yourself that you can make it and enjoy the crafting process. 

Dimensions :




Materials :

First, I started by measuring the size of the house. Then, I cut the cardboard according to the shape of the house and glue it all using hot glue gun. After that, we can see the basic shape of the house, Then I started putting clay all over the surface of the house ( NARA Air Hardening Clay). To make it look more realistic I made the textured surfaces using the cutter. I painted the exterior wall using dark brown color because my theme is making a vintage winter house. After finish painting, I made the horse carriage, fence wall and the base. I am using the artificial snow powder to make the winter environment. I hope you liked my video and got some inspiration to start your own projects. All the best and have fun!

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