In this tutorial I will show you how I made an Egyptian House by only using the cardboard. This time around I’ll make a simple design that you can easily follow it for your project. All the items that I used are listed below, keep reading it 🙂

How to Make a Simple Cardboard House for School Project

Materials :

Dimensions :




Step 1 : Planning process

Measure the size first. This will make it easier for you when you want to cut it. 

Step 2 : Gluing the cardboard

Then, glue all the parts together and you will see the basic shape of the house.

Step 3 : Making stairs

After that, make the stairs with the correct measurement. For the width I cut it 1cm for each step. It takes a little bit of your times to make it because you must measure it accurately otherwise the stairs will be unbalanced

Step 4 : Making doors and windows

To make it look more realistic you need to add details of the house such as door and windows.

Step 4 : Decoration

The final step is to enhance the front of the house which will make it look perfect by adding the fabric cloth on top of the roof.




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